A Month of Daily Photo Assignments

“To take a photograph is to align the head, the eye, and the heart.
It’s a way of life.”–Henry Cartier Bresson

photos in europe_2012

(This was a challenge that I set for myself as I began my personal Year of Jubilee.)

As I have worked on these challenges, I have changed the categories into “bold” font. Check out my experiments–some good, some mediocre–uploaded into separate “Challenge — …” sets on my Flickr account: CLICK HERE to see Photos (Down the right side of the Flickr page, you will find sets of photos based on the following challenge categories.)

Facebook 30 day challenge
Take a picture for each letter of the alphabet
A day in the life of challenge – take at least 10 photos following your daily life
1,000 Step Challenge – go for a walk and take a photo every 100 steps
Photograph body parts as the focus point: eye(s), mouth, hands, feet
Collections of posed fun toys
Still life
Photos from a different perspective
Reflections (in glass or water)
Photoshop—black and white with focal point in color

taking photos at the Grand Canyon_2009Shoot for a collage
Trick Photos
Repetition (photos with repeated objects/subjects)
Ground level photos
Photograph a sequence
Photos from behind OR Faceless portraits
“What is this thing” (closeups) OR Scavenger Hunt
Movement blurred photos (wind, action, etc)
Closeup Animal Parts

Nighttime Photos
Parking lot (OR vehicles)
Black and White (or sepia) Photos
Doggie-cam (as if through your pets’ eyes)
Hula Hoop Challenge (photos taken while standing in hula hoop
OR macros from inside the hula hoop)

(check out http://www.scrapjazz.com/topics/Photography/Ideas for descriptions of many of these ideas)

photos in amsterdam_2012(all photos taken by daughter Celia)


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