Getting started…

Hopefully you have checked out the “page” which lists the monthly themes I’ve chosen to focus on during this “Year of Jubilee.” If so, you will have seen that I’m starting off the year by pulling my cello back out of storage. My goal is to be able to adequately play Bach’s first unaccompanied suite for cello by the end of the month.

I enjoyed getting my “old friend” out of the big, clunky black case last night. I looked over the cello, getting reacquainted after a number of years away. A few of the cracks that were mended years ago are slightly opening, so I filled the humidifier and slid it back into one of the f-holes on the front of the cello. (Humidifier sounds a lot fancier than the reality—a long rubber tube with holes in it and with a skinny sponge running down the center of it—to be soaked in water. For some reason, the humidifier has been in the cello for years and years, totally unused and unneeded in humid Ohio—but a lifesaver out here in arid New Mexico!)

I was pleasantly surprised to find that my fingers still remembered the music. It felt good to be playing again. We won’t talk about how quickly my bowing arm muscles tightened up…or about the missing calluses on my fingers that will keep practice time short for now…

I thought about making a short recording of this first practice time and posting it here…to show how much improvement there is by the end of a focused month of practice. But…I decided to spare myself the embarrassment and spare you the torture of wrong notes, wrong timing, and bad bowing. You will just have to trust me on this, my playing WILL be much improved by month’s end!

Is there something you enjoyed in the past that you could pull out, dust off, and once again enjoy? I’d love to hear about it!


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