Too much? “No Worries…”

A few friends have expressed concern that I’m being too optimistic in what I have planned for this year. They worry that I will burn out. They worry that I will push myself too hard. They worry that I can not possibly accomplish all of it.

I get it. I understand their concern. BUT…

a significant theme for this year is to adopt the stereotypic Aussie attitude of “No Worries, Mate…” For those who have read the 50 Things To Do page, the list of proposed tasks is indeed long. But these are goals to shoot for. I am already happy with myself that I am even attempting to add health, and interest, and change to my life this year. Even if I do not finish everything on the list, I will still have finished far more than I would have, had I not set out “stretch” objectives.

"No Worries, Mate..."

I like what a friend said recently: “if you shoot for the stars and hit the moon instead, that’s still better than not trying at all and hitting nothing.”

So far (in the two weeks I’ve been at this), I have taken a mile-long walk each week, and enjoyed cool breezes, tiny wildflowers blooming, and cliffs glowing red and pink and orange with the setting sun. I have practiced Bach’s Cello Suite #1 more than a few times. I’m still mangling notes, and warping the time as written, and all that bowing is making my arm ache…but I’m having fun (and it’s sounding better and better). I’ve colored two (out of fifteen) intricate pictures from the coloring book I want to make time to finish this year. I have discovered that coloring with markers is relaxing and playing with bright colors and patterns is fun. As a bonus, I’m enjoying sharing the fun with daughter Anna.

Compared with the total list of objectives for the year, these things may not seem like much progress. Measured by how much joy they bring, my Year of Jubilee is off to a great start!

Too many objectives? Too much to accomplish?

Nah, “No Worries, Mate…”



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