Making the Grade

1st Grade Report Card

My eldest daughter has been going through family papers at my mom’s house recently. She ran across this old report card from when I was a little 1st Grader. I found it fascinating to see how much the report still holds true today!

I continued to be an excellent student and still enjoy learning new things today. I have a high need for projects I work on to be done neatly and I usually meet deadlines, although I often procrastinate til the last minute. (I wonder if I did that back then, as well?)

I have become a voracious reader over the years, finishing many books per week. In later elementary school I grabbed the Reader’s Digest when it arrived each month, first to read all the jokes and then to complete Word Power. I still like to play with words and I still enjoy reading bits and pieces out loud.

How interesting that the teacher commented on my excellent printing. So many people make similar comments today when they see my handwriting in the scrapbooks I love to make! Yes, Mrs. Risser, I continue to be one of the best in this arena!

I thought it funny to see that my math work was listed as “satisfactory,” not excellent, not that I enjoy this arena. Guess this is still accurate as well. I can do anything I need to do with numbers. I can even muddle through helping kids with math homework. But it is not something I enjoy nor it is something I have any desire to “waste time on” in order to excel in it…

I still enjoy the extras in life…well, not so much physical education, but I love art and music! And in both of those areas I still enjoy “learning many new ideas and skills.”

The teacher was obviously concerned that I spend too much time talking to my neighbors, even in first grade. I’m sorry to say, Mrs. Risser, that I have never “learned to control this.” I enjoy hearing the stories of others. I like to share my experiences with those around me. I want to cheer them up when they are sad and celebrate with them when they are happy. I expect to continue talking with my neighbors wherever and whenever I find them.

Overall, it is almost eerie how accurately this early report card reflects who I am today! I wonder how true this is for others? How much are YOU like the little girl or little boy you were when you had just started school?


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