Never Too Much COLOR…

Have you figured out by now that I am a COLORFUL person? I dislike beige and pastels and “neutral” color. They are so boring…so “safe.” I know there are reasons to use such colors on painted walls…but they tire me out. They are so lifeless and drab.

exterior color...

We have a work team with us this week. One of their primary goals is to scrape and repaint the exterior of the main building on this mission property. One house here is dark brown. Our little house is tan (at least it is a little warmer than beige!) My husband told me I could choose the paint color for this project…so I chose a National Historic Trust color scheme. Rusty Copper building with dark turquoise trim.

The paint poured out of the big five gallon bucket into the roller pans…and I panicked for a moment! It was so…orange. So…bright! Now that the front side is finished, I have fallen in love with the colors. They are full of life. The building looks stunning against the brilliant blue sky and the dark green pinion tree. Ahhh…

And clothes…I also love bright, colorful clothes. They wake me up. They are so cheerful. I feel full of life in them. I have a few “quieter” clothes. I pull them out of the closet occasionally…but they usually get put back without being worn. I NEED bright colors!

okay...I admit...sometimes there is TOO much color!

And I’ve realized this love of color is not just a quirky preference for external brightness. The older I get, the more free I feel to acknowledge and live out my colorful heart as well. When life is challenging or drab, I reach for more life. I look for the positive. I find something to laugh about. I brighten up with color—inside and out!


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