Oasis in the Desert

"oasis" -- a lovely, lively puddle

I’ve pondered this scene for the past few days. Across the “yard” from where I sit on my front porch (or lounge in my hammock—but that’s another story), there is a beautiful, bright green “oasis.” Part of it is shaded by a lovely tree. There is a small puddle of water, reflecting the bright blue sky. Brilliant green weeds surround the lovely puddle. From sun-up to sun-down there is a steady stream of visitors, fluttering down to splash and soak, chirping and tweeting their satisfaction. Imagine! Water! Here on the arid, high plateau where the only water to be found is usually rushing through the washes after a heavy rain!

This scene is full of life, and vibrancy, and, at the same time, peace. I enjoy watching and listening. What a treat to have such an oasis in our yard.


I need to share the “rest of the story.” It’s not so pretty. For awhile I pondered just sharing the first part. Or not sharing this little pleasure at all. Then I realized it is actually a good picture of my life in the past few years…

The “oasis” occurred this past week. We had a large work team here for the week and apparently the septic system was overwhelmed. Yes, this lovely, lively little puddle is actually smelly overflow from the leach-lines. Now that we have stopped using particular bathrooms (and now that the large group is gone), the puddle is already drying up. Soon we will have to find someone to dig up the area and fix the problem…

For now, it is a good reminder…to me…and to you, as well. Those things that occur in our lives that feel “crappy” might, just maybe, lead to vibrant life.  That’s what has happened for me—husband with life-threatening cancer, son dying unexpectedly, marriage “on the rocks,” life was pretty messy for awhile. But now? Now I am living in a beautiful place, with a purpose again. I’m living in a little oasis for now.

Life is full here and now. I’m thankful for that…no matter what I had to go through to get here…


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