Talking (Exclamation) Points

! … ?! … 😀 … ! … ?! … — … 🙂 … ! … ?! … 😀 … ! … ?! … — … 🙂 … !

Just read an interesting article from The New York Times. It is talking about the (over)use of exclamation points in today’s writing, especially in electronic communication. NYT article

One paragraph jumped out at me. Joni Evans, chief executive of the Web site is quoted as saying: “I would never use a smiley face, but there are smiley-face personalities. Kathie Lee Gifford comes to mind. People are what they type.”

So what does this say about me? I am definitely an exclamation point user, and a user of ellipsis, with lots of dashes thrown in as well. I confess: I am also a smiley-face personality. Perhaps I should apologize for this “character flaw.” Then again, perhaps these are indications of what others enjoy about me, and what I like about myself…

! – I’m an optimist. I live large. I get excited about things. I’m enthusiastic about life and about friends and about new ideas.

…  – I am casual. I don’t want to be bothered in non-formal communication with writing out complete sentences. I move quickly from one thought to the next and to the next.

?! – I like to ask quirky questions which are often little jokes. This seems to me to be the only way to make sure others understand I’m joking in written form.

😀 – What’s not to love about smiley-faces? I certainly hope to see smiles around me on the faces of friends and family! I like to smile and, especially, to laugh often.

(((hugs))) – I very, very rarely ever use this notation. And when I think about it, I rarely initiate hugs… Oh, I’ll hug a close friend hello or goodbye, but it’s not a frequent thing.

So…what does your typing say about you? Does it reveal your personality and your quirks? I’d be interested to hear what you think!


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