Dancing with Joy

We did some sightseeing in historic Santa Fe a few days ago. It’s always fun to wander a city on foot and see what treasures you might bump into. There were a few brightly colored gardens hidden, Mexican-style, in the middle courtyards of buildings. There was wonderful art throughout the State Capitol Building. We found the oldest church next door to the oldest home in the USA. We enjoyed the beautiful craft-work of vendors set up on the ground along the porch fronting the Palace of the Governors.

Dance with JOY

This was my favorite discovery. I smiled when I first saw it and quickly took a photo of the dancing monk, so filled with JOY. He dances off to the side of the gardens in front of the St. Francis Basilica, one block off the main historic plaza. He’s not really hidden…but we came across him unexpectedly

Then I walked up into that garden area to look at other things and discovered all the quotes that make up this dancing monk’s robes. More smiles…and more photos.

I’m going to print and frame this main photo, as a reminder to find reasons to “dance for joy” in the daily-ness of life. This monk is such a simple fellow, dressed in coarse robes tied with a rope. And yet, he is kicking up his bare foot and reaching for the sky. No matter what the circumstances are in your life right now, I’m wishing YOU much joy today. LET’S “DANCE” TOGETHER!

Details of the Dancing Monk

Here are some of the quotes from the Dancing Monk’s robes:
“I want to be happy, like a bird in the sky”
“Take your time, so go slowly”
“I am not asking to be loved, I want to love”
“Be praised my Lord, for Sister Water”
“Thank you for Brother Sun, who is the day and through whom you give us light. And he is beautiful and radiant with splendor, and bears a likeness of you, most high one.”
“Love is all around you”

More details of his Robes


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