a breath of fresh air…

There are many things I enjoy about living in New Mexico. This time of year, I am especially grateful that we now live here, and not back in hot, humid Ohio.

We live in the “high desert.” That means we have hot, sunny days. But when the sun goes down, our clear skies allow most of the heat to escape, giving us cool nights. And here on the high plateau, we have breezes most of the time. Ahhh…

One frustration is that it gets gloriously cool most nights, but it stays stuffy inside the house. Even with windows open and fans running, the air still hardly moves in the corners of the room.

And then, a few nights ago, it dawned on me that when I turn upside down in bed, my head is right next to the window. Now I can truly feel the air moving, keeping me cool and comfortable during the night. Ahhh…

Sometime during the night, I realized why this felt so very comfortable. It was not just because of the cool air. It was also because of the memories it brought back…

When I grew up in that same hot, humid Ohio, we never had air conditioning. (My folks still hardly use their air conditioner, but that is another story.) During the day, that wasn’t so bad. We spent most of the summer hanging out at the local pool after all. But it got sticky and miserable at night. Even the huge attic fan mounted in the hallway failed to help. The windows in my bedroom were too high for much of the air being sucked into the attic from outside to actually flow over me and cool me down.

Until the night that I dragged my pillow out to the living room and laid on the  wood floor right in front of the screen door. Night air was finally moving over me, finally cooling me off. Ahhh…

I think I will keep sleeping upside-down in my bed, with my head near the window. I like the breezes…and I like the memories it brings!


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  1. jecolorfulheart
    Jul 25, 2011 @ 13:50:08

    My mom sent me the following comment:
    “I had already been thinking of how hot the upstairs sometimes was while visiting [my grandmother] Celia. She had me lie down on the floor in front of a screen door on the first floor to keep somewhat cool. So your floor bed plus attic fans in our houses are memories that we both have.”


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