Lost…and FOUND

I realized recently how much I enjoy getting lost. Yep, that’s what I said: getting LOST! There is such freedom when I’m lost. No expectations, no “shoulds,” no directions that must be followed. Just possibilities and new discoveries waiting to be found.

Who knows what you will find when you are "lost"?

Oh, I admit, I rely on our GPS and on mapquest directions when I’m headed somewhere new. I don’t have time to get lost when I have a schedule or an appointment. I look for the shortest or fastest way when I need to get somewhere in a hurry.

But I take delight in times when there is no agenda. When I have time to explore on my way to somewhere else. When I can wander the back roads, and take whatever side roads strike my fancy. Eventually, I’ll find my way back to the known paths…but just think what wonders I might discover along the chosen meanderings.

Maybe it comes from rides with my mom who has multiple routes to any given destination. Maybe it comes from Sunday afternoon drives with my family (both as a child and later with our own children). Maybe it comes from a touch of ADHD and getting bored with routines. Maybe it comes from curiosity and from an optimism that says things can always get even better.

I guess it doesn’t really matter where this enjoyment comes from. For me, when I see two roads diverge in the woods (or in the hills or among the sagebrush), I will certainly take the one less traveled! Who knows what delights I will find along the way!


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  1. jecolorfulheart
    Aug 06, 2011 @ 11:13:08

    Just found this quote in a book I’m reading (50 Ways to Leave Your 40s by Sheila Key and Peggy Spencer MD). If I had read it earlier I would have directly included it in the post—

    “The mind, the spirit, they need new information in order to grow. Getting lost is new information. Getting lost is a great, great teacher.”


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