“Miracles” DO Happen


A miracle happened here last Friday night. I went to use the bathroom…and the roll of toilet paper had been changed! (Now maybe you have your family so well trained this occurrence is mundane at your house…but around here it is a miracle!)

The new roll was NOT just sitting on the edge of the sink. It was NOT propped precariously on top of the holder. The empty roll was in the trash can and the new roll was “clicked” firmly into its proper place. It was put in backwards (which really does make a difference when you have one of those fancy floor-stand holders.) But that’s okay—it was put ON the holder!

Now you may think I’m over-reacting. Yes, my husband does change the roll when the old one is completely empty. And I’m sure my older kids do the TP change-over themselves now that they live on their own.

BUT…my “baby” did this. The next generation has begun to take over the task…

You see, for years my mom and I have a running challenge going. If I change the TP at her house I get bragging/teasing rights. Same for her if she changes the roll at my house. Sometimes she has even “cheated” and moved an almost finished roll to “her” bathroom when she knows I’m coming, just so I won’t end up having to change it.

This has become both a running joke…and a way to do something little to help the other. And, last Friday night, Anna joined the party.

Thanks, Mom! And, thanks, Anna!


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