Happy Birthday, Roger!

D.C. man...

Friday was our oldest son’s birthday. He is now 26 years old. (Of course, that is fine for him. I’m still struggling with the idea that my four oldest kids are now all in their twenties. How can that possibly be true when I’m still so YOUNG?!!)

Roger does not like to be the center of attention…never has. But I’m assuming he won’t read this blog, so he will never know I was talking about him. As for my other kids who DO like to be in the lime-light? I will focus on them when their birthdays come around…

Roger is just 15 ½ months younger than his oldest sister (who still wishes she were an only child, but that is another story!) Frequently, people who see the two of them assume Roger is the oldest one (another reason she is jealous, but again, that’s not today’s focus!)

Roger is a guy who “has it all.” He is good looking. He has a GQ sense of style (which he definitely did NOT get from his casual, middle-america parents!) He is talented in most areas he explores. When he was young, this was a challenge. He often looked down on others. He often viewed himself as better than those around him (which leads to nasty fighting among siblings…) Gradually, as he has matured, he sees that “having it all” comes with a responsibility. He is learning to not just rest on his successes, but to challenge himself and “give his all.”

GQ man...

Roger has always been amazingly “brainy.” He thrives on intellectual pondering and discussion. I love the memory of him home on break from college, helping his little brother James memorize the list of the kings and queens of England. I love asking him what he is currently “working on” when we talk on the phone—his interests are so widely varied you never know WHAT topic will come up!

Roger has widened my horizons over the years as he pursued knowledge of architecture, astronomy, Einstein’s theory of relativity (okay, so he lost me there), and fantasy universes and histories. He introduced me to the amazing mosaics at the Basilica in Washington DC while he was in college nearby. He also took me to the university library there, where I enjoyed watching him as he read a 1500s manuscript from the rare books collection. Wow! That’s MY child reading an ancient book in Latin?! Really?

Actually that’s a reaction I have a lot regarding this son of mine. Wow! He became fluent in Spanish in just one summer spent in Panama? Wow! He taught himself Ango-Saxon so he could make a new translation of Beowult? Wow! He now manages a zillion guys older than himself and oversees a budget of a zillion dollars? Wow! He looks like a model in that tux he bought? Wow! He plays any musical instrument he picks up? Really? He’s MY son?? Wwwooowww!

I love to spend time with Roger. I love to hear him playing around on whatever musical instrument is near by. I love to wander used bookstores with him, looking for treasure. I love to hear about his eclectic friends and the things they all do for fun. I love to look down at my ringing cell phone and see that he is calling his mom to chat for awhile.

Happy Birthday Roger!I was excited when I found this birthday card for him—after all, it shows a picture of his wonderful old apartment building in a big city, with him (the tall good looking guy) walking down the street beside it. And it says just the right things. He really is a guy who’s “got it all” and he is learning to give his all.

I’m proud of the man you have become, Roger. You have enriched my life in so many ways. Thanks for the time you spend with me. (Sorry if you ever read this and it embarrasses you—I just have to brag on you occasionally!)

Love you, Sweetie! Hope your birthday was a happy one…


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