James, the original "fauna-vert"

I am a “fauna-vert.” That’s similar to being an animal lover…but doesn’t this word sound so much fancier?! James made up the word years ago while at an out-of-town skating competition where the hotel had a cat. He commented that he was not an extrovert (recharging by time with people) nor an introvert (recharging by time alone) but a “fauna-vert” (recharging by time with animals). This is a good description for me as well.

(Okay, okay, yes, I am an extrovert and need lots of people time. But time with animals helps recharge me, too.)

Randy has teased me for years about being “Mrs. Noah.” I think he may have meant it as a bit of a negative thing—something about being frustrated with me collecting more and more animals—but I take it as a compliment. Yep, that’s me. I’m an animal lover.

But gradually I realized it’s more than just enjoying animals. More than just being interested and intrigued by them. I NEED time with animals. They calm me and comfort me in ways nothing else can. They add beauty and laughter to my life.

Our dog died not long before we bought our big RV for 9 months of wandering out west. For some odd reason, Randy was adamant that I could have kids in the RV or a dog in the RV but not both. I tried to find someone to take the kids, but no luck… So we went traveling as a family, with no pets along for the ride.

At first it was hard. Nothing to cuddle. Nothing to pet. But then Anna and I discovered other people in the RV parks had pets. Ahhh…dogs to play with, cats to pet, birds to enjoy

the original "fauna-vert"s mom with current companion

So now we are settled into one place again. We are no longer wandering. Randy can no longer prohibit both children and pets living together in one small space. And the gathering of animals has begun again…

We have a new dog. Anna has her own kitten. We are caring for Rob’s hedgehog and occasionally “baby-sitting” Nettie’s guinea pig. We have baby turkeys and guinea hens in a pen out back.

Gradually it’s becoming paradise around here for Mrs. Noah. After all, I AM a “fauna-vert.”


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