Am I a Real Cowgirl Now?

When I was growing up, I had a favorite hat…a black lacquered cowboy hat. You should have seen my trick riding and roping skills from the back of my favorite (and only) black horse. (Can we just not talk about the horse being on springs? It sounds so much better if my readers think I was an excellent cowgirl on a REAL horse…) I spent hours “practicing” to improve my cowgirl skills.

Eventually I grew up. The hat and the horse stayed at my mom’s to become favorite props for my own kids imagination play. They had the added bonus of cowboy boots added to the dress-up bin, fancy stitched bright red boots, at that!

cowgirl celia

Cowgirl Celia

A few of my kids had fun wearing (cheap) cowboy boots from WalMart. The nice thing with a bunch of kids is that it’s easier to justify fun clothes…there are more kids coming along who will enjoy the hand-me-downs.

cowboy roger

Round 'em up, Wild-man Roger!

Every so often I would try on a pair of cowboy boots…but they never fit right. They pinched my toes. They squeezed my calves in a death grip. They were too tight to get my little fat foot all the way into the boots. And if I ever found a pair I could actually get onto my legs and feet, the heels were too high or the soles were too slippery. I walked out of the store, disappointed yet again.

But then…I went looking for a new pair of comfy leather moccasins for Christmas this past year. I couldn’t find any moccasins (other than slippers) even though we live in Navajoland. (They much prefer wearing cowboy boots to leather moccasins since they more closely identify with the cowboys in Western Movies…but that’s another story for another day.) I gave in and hopelessly started trying on boot after boot after boot. The colors were amazing, the fancy stitching was wonderful, the cutouts were cute, and the prices were scarey. As usual, nothing seemed to fit just right.

Until I tried on a pair of Ariat boots. They are plain boring rusty brown. They have a little bit of stitching, but nothing fancy. The toes don’t have any fancy metal trim. BUT…they fit! They are totally comfortable, from the first moment I tried them on. It wasn’t love at first sight…but it might well have been love at first fitting.

my own boots

My very own cowboy boots...alot more scuffed up by now!

Thanks to my in-laws and my husband, I am the proud new owner of a pair of cowboy boots. Finally, I fit in around here in this wild-west world. I never thought I would say this, but I wear those boots far more often than my tennis shoes.

I still get a little thrill when I look down and see the tips of my boot…MY boots…my very own COWBOY boots…peeking out from under my jeans.

I got the boots of my dreams and I don’t much like wearing hats these days. But what about that black horse?!


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