Christmas Carols Come to Life

My husband is not so sure he likes the Christmas season. He prefers to delay decorations and carols for as long as possible. Some years that causes conflict between us. This year everything worked out beautifully…

Our younger two kids and I left before Thanksgiving to head east for three weeks of visiting with family and friends. We gleefully grabbed all of our Christmas CDs to enjoy on the trip. It was great fun to crank the volume and sing-a-long, mile after mile after mile.

We enjoyed the silly (Muppets, Veggietales, and Dr. Demento), the serious (Amy Grant and Sarah McLaughlin), and country (John Denver, Alan Jackson, and Reba McIntire…sadly our Kenny Chesney CD is too scratched to play).

At one point, as we were driving north out of Denver, toward Ft. Laramie National Park in the corner of Wyoming near Nebraska, I was enjoying every glimpse of the majestic Rocky Mountains that we could see.

plains and mountains

...mountains echoing the angels' sweet singing...

And then…Angels We Have Heard on High came on. Looking out the window, the carol came to life. There was the plain stretching all the way to the mountains filling the horizon.

“Angels we have heard on high, sweetly singing o’er the plain. And the mountains in reply, echoing their joyous strain…”

Gloria! What a wonderful gift! And after three weeks of traveling and enjoying our Christmas music, our hearts are full. We are ready for Christmas…


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