Entering the Teen Zone

My baby had another birthday on Thursday. Last year she got a cute new haircut and red eyeglasses. This year she still sports the haircut and she is waiting on new green eyeglasses. But she has added the sass and spunk of a teenager. The crossed arms are standard, the eye-roll needs a little more work. And much as I would prefer to consider her a child for a few more years, she is adamant that she is now a TEEN…a “zero-teen,” that is. (A different way of looking at 10, from a Beverly Cleary/Ramona book she read this year.)

Anna with a little SASS!

Anna is our Groundhog Girl—being born on 20202. She still allows me to take a photo of her outside on her birthday morning—looking for a shadow to predict how much longer we will have winter—a tradition I started on her first birthday. She thinks it’s funny that she has often been correct when Punxatawny Phil has been wrong. This year she fudged the weather prediction—running from the shady side of the house with no shadows to standing in the thin sunray peeking through the clouds which cast shadows on the other side of the house. Hmmm…grabbing for things with both hands…that’s my Anna!

groundhog anna

"Groundhog Anna" both saw her shadow and did not see her shadow this year.

And “Princess Anna” is still around. She plays with fairy toys and writes fairy stories but she herself has been a self-declared princess for many years. Costumes and crowns are favorite dress-up toys, even now. Anna prefers stretch pants and t-shirts for every-day-wear, but loves the new styles which include a short lacy skirt over those leggings. She still does her chores (reluctantly, I must confess) and she play-pretends to be other things such as store-keeper or song-writer, so I guess we will let Princess Anna stay a while longer…

princess anna

Princess Anna is still with us...

Anna is quite creative—some times it’s hard to keep up with her mind as she shares idea after idea after idea. She is getting better at putting those ideas on paper—in writing or in art. It’s much easier to keep up with her jumping thoughts when I can input it into my brain at my own (slow) speed! Anna and I are taking an on-line art class together this year. What fun to see the differences in how we interpret the assignments! And what fun to be working on projects side by side!

life book page

1st "assignment" for LifeBook 2012

Anna is growing up…moving from child to teen, and I’m proud of the young lady she is becoming. But whether she is called a “tween” or a “zero-TEEN” by others, she will always be “my baby.” Hope she’s okay with that!

Happy Birthday, Anna!


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