25 Random Things

I recently took time to read through posts I had missed on some of the blogs I follow. Earlier in February there was a “linky-party.” Although I am long past the deadline to link my blog post to the rest of the list, the topic looked like fun. Following the lead of other bloggers, here is MY list of 25 Random Things—-things that have happened or that I’ve thought about, things that aren’t big enough or significant enough to write an entire blog about, random things floating through my mind and captured on this list…

  1. I absolutely LOVE the bright blue skies and sunny days here in the high desert of New Mexico.
  2. A few days ago when Jakob and I were in town we both commented on how the dreary gray day was too much like Ohio in the winter. Blergh!
  3. I don’t quite know what to do with myself today—there are a zillion things I could do, and probably should do…but no specific schedule to meet.
  4. After a leisurely morning, Jakob and I were in a hurry to get out the door and get him to the school where he is a volunteer library aide and a chess tutor on Thursdays.
  5. Instead of throwing together some sandwiches for lunch, I stirred up a quick batch of “Noodle Mein-ia” – ramen, frozen veggies & diced chicken all stir-fried together.
  6. I love the name of that dish—brainstormed by Jakob to differentiate it from the other thrown together meal I often make—both of which I just called “glop”!!
  7. Our dog wouldn’t come inside last night—and when I looked out she was laying in the snow under the pinon tree, chewing on an antler she stole from the neighbor’s dog who regularly finds such “treasures.”
  8. I let her bring her “treasure” inside to keep gnawing on it for awhile…
  9. I used to savor a mug (or two or three) of coffee each day…now I’ve switched to hot tea with milk.
  10. Nettie brought me some lovely tea from England last year…but sadly it is long gone. (Yes, there really is a difference…mostly in how much “bite” the cheaper black teas have.)
  11. One of my favorite candy bars is also from England— Cadbury’s “Crunchie”—chocolate covered “honeycomb” that melts in your mouth. My sister sent me a bag of mini bars for Christmas. I still have one little bar hidden away for when I really “need” the last one…(shhhh…don’t tell my kids!)
  12. I’m feeling a bit bereft—there are no books on my “library shelf.” What will I read? What am I looking forward to dipping into next? (We won’t talk about the piles of unread books still by my bed…) (Returned books to town this week but didn’t have time to check out bags and bags more…)
  13. I have a love-hate relationship with my camera. When I choose to lug it around I have no reason to pull it out of the bag; when I leave the clunky thing at home, I desperately wish I had it with me…sigh… (and, no, the camera on my phone will not do at all, at all…)
  14. Anna wrote us a really cool poem for Valentine’s Day—possibly made even more special when we found out it was a school assignment and included all of her random spelling words for the week!!
  15. By the way, if you haven’t heard me ranting on my soapbox yet, I absolutely HATE the total waste of time called “spelling” in school. Either one is inherently good at it or inherently bad at it—the former don’t need to write out the words over and over and over, and the latter don’t need to eventually conclude they are stupid when they can’t seem to remember the words…Who invented this torture mechanism anyway??
  16. (And, yes, I am one of the lucky ones that can spell correctly without thinking about it…)
  17. I have finally convinced some of the kids I tutor that when we do writing practice I’m interested in their WRITING…not their spelling. It is amazing to me how they are coming “out of their shells” and writing some really cool stuff now that they aren’t worried about making spelling mistakes!
  18. We visited friends this past weekend who have a lovey-dovey little “sausage dog.” Yes, I petted the Doxie—but I MUCH prefer the long silky fur of my Aussie! Fauna-therapy is more enjoyable with luxurious tactile stimulation…
  19. My brain has been warped forever by James’ figure skating—when Anna and I watched a Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers movie last night I kept seeing wonderful possible ice-dance sequences and fun costume ideas…
  20. Anna doesn’t remember seeing large scale chorus line dance scenes before…which both baffles me (since we love watching musicals) and made me think of taking her to a dance recital sometime this spring.
  21. The only problem with that idea is that then she would probably beg and beg to take dance lessons (which doesn’t work when we live 60 miles from town!)
  22. I really need to get outside more and get back to regular walking—I’m just too much of a wimp to want to wade through deep snow or risk getting boots stuck in the mud.
  23. Which reminds me of a humorous email exchange my mom and I had about fish, and lakes, and mudholes…too complicated to explain…but worth pointing out that I LOVE laughing with my mom!
  24. …and laughing with my kids…
  25. Hmmm…looking back over this list it is indeed quite RANDOM! (But fun to do…each of you should try it sometime!)

If you want to see other lists of 25 Random Things, you can read the original post (from a blogger I regularly enjoy) HERE. The original “linky-party” idea including links to a zillion more lists is HERE.


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  1. parousiaperspectives
    Feb 16, 2012 @ 15:23:48

    wow! so many random things. I can relate to that. my mind goes to this n that alot. seems we live in a busy world of random things nowadays.

    I related to your “no books on the shelf”. I’ll send ya a ton. speaking of random, I seem to read a lil in this book, then a lil in that book. prob got about 10 around me now with a lil read in each one. wish i could squish all that knowledge into my head and then find it when I’m wanting it.

    its been a random day here for sure. been studying on making my books into ebooks. overwhelming for sure. been thinkin on writing in my “Just Wonderin” blog, then mebe I will just work on the Feb newsletter, or mebe write on “Future Past” or “Faith Mountain”. now ya know how “random thoughts” whistle thru my mind.
    nice to know I don’t think “randomly” all by myself.


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