I’m participating in 5 Minute Friday with my post today. To see the “assignment” and to see other posts on this topic, check out THIS BLOG.

A few years ago we were privileged to spend time in Alaska. At one point we splurged on a half-day boat tour out of Seward. After making the non-refundable reservations, I was sad to figure out we were quite unlikely to see any whales on the tour. Only full-day trips went out far enough to encounter whales.seward alaska docks

On the morning of the tour our young daughter was jumping-up-and-down-excited at the prospect of a ride on a big boat AND at the idea of seeing whales “for real.” Oops! I panicked a bit and sent up a quick prayer that God would send His “princess” a whale or two within viewing distance. I was too “chicken” to tell my daughter that she was surely going to ride on a big boat, but that she would NOT be whale-watching.

We drove to town, parked near the docks and walked out to the boat. We bundled up in our jackets and found seats up high in the front—to better see the glorious scenery and (hopefully) glimpse some wildlife.tour boat

We saw puffins flying. I thought that was cool…but my daughter hardly noticed. She was waiting for whales.flying puffin

We saw seals basking on rocks and playing near shore. What fun! My daughter smiled … but she was still waiting for whales.basking seal

We saw a family of orcas jumping and chasing each other in the waves. Wow! I was excited! Look, Sweetie! Whales! My daughter laughed at their antics…but made it clear she was still waiting to see a “real” whale, a BIG whale.leaping orca

Oh dear…I wondered if I should find my lost courage and prepare to let her down gently, tell her the truth about the trip we were on.

And then, and THEN…

We saw it! A big whale out of place, far closer to shore than usual. Even the captain was excited when he made the announcement and pointed out where we should be looking.humpback fluke

A WHALE! A BIG whale! Just like she expected.

My daughter’s face at that moment said it all. She was truly DELIGHTED! (and I said a quick prayer of thanks to a loving Creator-God who moved a whale close to shore just for His princess to enjoy…)delighted princess


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