“Little Things”

Sometimes it’s the “little things” that get me through the day. They may sound boring, they may seem insignificant, but they bring me JOY!

I love to sink my fingers deep into the silky fur of my “Velcro dog” (who sticks close beside me and mourns when I leave the house without her).

velcro dog

Don't these eyes just melt your heart?!

I enjoy cuddling up under a fuzzy blanket in the morning, hands wrapped around a warm mug of hot tea with milk, reading the latest book I found at the library.

Many evenings I glance out the window just in time to enjoy a bright pink and purple sky at sunset. (I’m looking forward to setting my alarm and taking a photo of the sunset each evening in March as one of the monthly themes for my “year of jubilee.”)

Taking a nice, long, steaming shower at the end of a tiring day is so relaxing. (Yeah, I might be wasting some energy…but sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do…)

Knowing I have one last piece of wonderful chocolate from England hidden carefully so it won’t get eaten by anyone else is fun. Wonder when I will finally give in and gobble it down?

Speaking of chocolate—our oldest daughter gave us a set of tiny dessert cups with bitty spoons. Sweets are always yummy…but they are extra special in their own little glasses!

dessert cups

...extra special when put in tiny cups and eaten with bitty spoons...

And what about a bear hug from a first grader, or a big grin from my “baby,” or even having to look up (and up and up) at my teenage son.

And don’t forget an unexpected card or call from a friend or from a grown child living across the country (or around the world)…

Yes, they may sound like “little things” to you…but some days these turn into BIG things!

Hope YOU have lots of “little things” to enjoy in YOUR life!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Sharon
    Feb 24, 2012 @ 19:25:05

    Anna is another one of your exquisite beauties!


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