This past Wednesday marked the 28th Anniversary of Mommy-hood for me. Yes, my oldest daughter just had her birthday and, yes, she is getting awfully close to 30 years old! I remember holding her in the delivery room, with her bright blue eyes staring right at me; in awe of this miraculous gift we had been given. 28 years later she is still intense…and she is still a keen observer of the world around her!

She was our first…and that means she was, at times, our “guinea pig.” We had to learn to parent with her to practice on. She paved the way for her siblings—first to take swim lessons, first to be homeschooled, first to spend time overseas without her parents, first high school graduation/affirmation time at home, first music lessons, first temper tantrums, first hand-me-downs, first grandchild to be doted on by my family, and on and on the list could go.

I searched through digital photos on my drive, looking for images that capture pieces of who this daughter is. Here are a few glimpses of the woman I see today:

the word lover

Celia---the lover of words!

Celia loves to read, to research, and to find the answer to questions. She has a lively curiosity about the world around her. Out of this has come strong writing skills and the ability to identify and describe the oddities she sees in life. If you haven’t yet, check out her blog: http://www.dumplingcart.org/

the good sport

not just a good sport...a COMPETETIVE one!

Celia is a good sport when her crazy mama or wild siblings have “fun” ideas to try.

wild woman

...sometimes a bit melodramatic...

Of course, she comes up with some pretty wild ideas herself, especially if it is for posed photos!

decision making

...just make the decision already...

Sometimes it drives me crazy that she has difficulty making even the simplest (to me) decisions. Really? Just order SOMEthing at the coffee shop. If you don’t like it, just dump it and buy something else! (Of course, her daddy also prefers to ponder decisions not make snap judgments…so perhaps Celia comes by this naturally…)

gift impatience

psst...are you REALLY surprised at what you got in that stocking??

And I might say that it drives me crazy that she absolutely can not possibly wait to open presents or Christmas stockings…except I would do the same search-and-find that she does if I could get away with it! Hmmm…come to think of it, I wonder if she reads the endings of books before the rest of the book, and asks to be told the endings of movies before she watches them, like I do?

daddy's girl

(first) Daddy's girl!

Celia has always had a special place in her daddy’s heart…and has always turned to him for advice and for comfort. They discuss life together and cheer each other on… (She also walked with him through the trauma of cancer treatment time.)


Sisters and Friends...

And although she still wishes she could have been a totally-spoiled-rotten only child, Celia and Nettie share a special bond. They managed to share a room for years, and still like to spend time together.


Princess Celia (and, no, you are NOT the queen...that's my title!)

Typical for our family—Celia has always been a dress-up queen. Costumes and scarves and swanky shoes and funky hats were found throughout our house and in a huge basket at Grandma’s house. Creativity, imagination, and make believe have always been encouraged around here. (Isn’t she a beautiful princess?!)

looking forward

Looking forward...

Happy Birthday, Sweetie! I’m so proud of the beautiful woman you have become…and I’m looking forward to see where you go next in life!


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