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“But fairies aren’t real…why is your family so interested in something imaginary?” a dear friend asked a few years ago. Her question made me think.

fairy princess

my fairy princess visits ancient ruins in walnut canyon, arizona

Yes, my “baby” treasures her fairy-wings and loves to dress up (although sometimes she is a fairy-princess-cat, but that’s another story…) Yes, that same “baby” loves to read about fairies, and collects fairy figurines and the horses they sometimes ride, and colors pictures of fairies, and more. She even wrote her own book about an adventure in fairyland this past fall.

a forest fairy

near blackwater falls WV

And there are the photos I have taken while wandered the country with our two youngest kids after the unexpected death of a teen-aged son. Photos of fairies posed in likely homes and hidey-places. Photos of fairies under a farm porch, in mossy-covered rock crevices, in tree root homes, in split-granite boulder cracks, in tree stumps, and more. To be more accurate, sometimes the fairies (part of youngest daughter’s collection) were posed for the photos. Other times she and I found perfect fairy homes and took photos without the occupants in sight.

fairy house builder

furnishing a fairy dwelling in Alaska

My middle daughter spent hours one afternoon beside a burbling stream in Alaska, building and furnishing the perfect fairy’s house.

a fairy house

the perfect fairy house (beside a river in Seward Alaska)

Why? I think back to my friend’s question…why do we focus on something imaginary?

I think it is because what those fairies represent really is REAL. They are a symbol of wonder, a picture of the magical, a hint of something more… They remind us that no one knows everything, that there are unexpected wonderful things waiting just around the corner. They are a comfort when the “real world” feels too painful or too inexplicable, when we need to remember the good, the glitter-filled, the other real…

Those fairies might look imaginary to others…but to my daughters and I they are more than imaginary…

Sometimes those imaginary things are REAL!


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