It’s another “Five Minute Friday.” On Fridays a group of people who love to throw caution to the wind and just write gather to share what five minutes buys them. Just five minutes. Unscripted. Unedited. Real.

This week’s topic is: Identity. Check out other bloggers who are participating in this challenge HERE.

I was a granny-glasses girl when I was in elementary school. That was the era of granny dresses and granny glasses and I wore both of them. I also wore the occasional shawl and used bandanas as kerchiefs. Maxi and midi length dresses were fine with me. You had to walk and sit in a prissy way if you wore mini dresses, after all! (Besides, there was no way my folks would have let me show that much leg!)

Those granny glasses served me well. I kept the same basic style into young adulthood.


big glasses…big family…big life

Then I became the big glasses mom. I had the big (permed) hair, the big loose clothes, and the big pinkish brown frames that covered half my face. Life was big, even while I was trying to fit my big family into a two-kid world. During this time, we moved across the country for grad school, and eventually moved into the country to a mini play-farm. We added kids and critters along the way, gained a 12 passenger van, and kept looking for big adventures.

Then life changed again. Kids started leaving home for college. We moved to a suburb in another city. We downsized to a mini-van. And my glasses got smaller again. I spent those years with frames that were metal across the top, and were invisible/clear along the bottom. Seems to me, as I look back, that I was feeling a bit invisible in life as well.


back to modified granny glasses

Then came the life crises; the husband’s cancer, the death of a son. We pulled up what was left of roots that had been ripped out, and took off. We travelled the west in an RV, lived with family while we finished degrees and training programs, and finally moved to a remote area of Navajoland. And I went back to those granny-glasses. I didn’t see it until now…but I wonder if I was trying to find comfort by looking back?


a bit traditional…

pink plaid

a bit wild…

Now? I just got TWO pairs of new glasses. And this time I didn’t follow the current fashion trends. These frames are not invisible, oh no, definitely not! These frames are not granny glasses. They are a bit wild; colorful while still a bit discreet. Seems to me these glasses are a good choice to lead me into my 50th birthday and into the second half of my life. I’m moving toward freedom, and confidence in who I am.

blue portrait

when I want to pretend I’m proper…

pink plaid portrait

when I prefer to show some color

Who knew that all these years my identity could be seen in the glasses I wore?


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