Random Musings from a Random Mind

I want to post a new blog entry for today (Monday). It feels important to stick to the schedule I set a year ago. I dread making excuses to miss “just one day” and realize a month later that I skipped far too many days!

On the other hand, I can not, for the life of me, think of anything I really want to say. (Yeah, I know, those who know me well are now laughing their heads off at the idea of me being speechless…)

So…I’m going to share the random tidbits that are circling around in my brain. If you want something coherent, something significant, or something thought-provoking, come back a different day!

(photo by the talented Jo Blackwell–www.joblackwell.co.uk)

** The kids and I spent yesterday cleaning and organizing stuff around the house. After all, we left early this morning for a week long trip to Texas. Obviously, the house needs to be cleaned before we can pack. HA! This is clearly evidence that 30+ years of marriage to a neatnik (he disagrees with that label, by the way) has warped my priorities! (I will confess that it IS awfully nice to come home to a clean, neat, organized house after a trip but…shhhh…don’t tell my husband I said that!)

** And, there must be something wrong since the past few trips I’ve made have NOT resulted in falling into bed exhausted around 2am after rushing around like a crazy thing to get everything ready and packed. I’m still not quite sure what to do with myself when starting a trip after a full night of good sleep, rather than being sleep deprived. (Please, please, tell me I’m not weird and that you, too, usually spend all-nighters before leaving on a trip with your family…)

** Yesterday, Jakob and I de-wormed the three horses we are babysitting for a friend. I was prepared: I changed to my grubby, holey jeans. We tied each horse to separate posts so no one would kick or bite while we were dealing with another one. As you can imagine it was chaos…or NOT?! Yep, I discovered that de-worming horses is MUCH easier than the sore back and owie fingers (from being chewed on) after de-worming SHEEP!!

** Anna is humoring me again on this trip. So are Jakob and hubby, for that matter. I’m hoping Anna will have earned 3 more Jr. Ranger badges in the next few days before we finally get to Austin TX. She isn’t particularly happy at the effort it takes to finish the workbooks. But, she does enjoy the public affirmations of receiving the badge at each location. And her collection is quite impressive (50 and counting). I suspect I keep her at it more because I’m the one who loves visiting (and learning at) each park. Like I said, my family humors me. Isn’t that lovely?!

Jr Ranger Anna

** It is good to have a break from school. The kids were a bit crazy this past week, looking forward to 10 days off in a row. It was hard to accomplish much when no-one could focus on the work at hand… The teachers appeared to be even more ready for time off than the students! Hopefully everyone is refreshed when we get back together in another week… Sometimes leave is critically important when working in a “war zone”…

** The kids and I are sitting at McDs right now, internetting while we wait for Randy to come back. He is visiting a friend who is in jail for a few months. We have been doing lots of talking, thinking, and praying about how to best help this family. We keep coming back over and over to the idea that “he has to want it more than we do.” And we haven’t yet figured out if that’s the case… (This will probably be an eventual blog post on the other blog I write about living and working in a remote area of Navajoland.)

** My dog was totally neurotic and stressed out yesterday. My hubby joked that he had never seen a dog freak out about cleaning before!! HA! She was very aware that we were doing the hustle-around-before-leaving-her-behind dance. Poor puppy…yes, the sad eyes made me feel guilty… But it doesn’t stop me from leaving! I will spoil her rotten when I get home (and won’t really have any other choice—she is always a “Velcro-dog” whenever I get back from a trip).

…sad dog…

** It will be funny to go from beautiful, crisp, cool, blue-skied fall days here in NM to hot, humid summer days in Texas. The kids were surprised when I told them to pack both long pants and jackets, as well as summer shorts and swimsuits. Isn’t our country funny—so big that it is different seasons all at the same time?

** I still find it hard to believe one of my kids is finally getting married. And I wonder what kind of relationship my daughter-in-law-to-be and I will have. And I wish them happiness and perseverance to keep working at making a good marriage. Maybe I will write more about this after the wedding on Friday. I will certainly at least post some pics!

Rob & Elise

Okay, enough rambling for now. Thanks to those of you patient enough to keep reading this far. Much love to you!

Please consider leaving me a comment about something you have been pondering…or even a simple thought that recently flitted through your mind! Then I won’t feel quite so bad about actually putting my own random wanderings into print!!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. June Fischer
    Oct 15, 2012 @ 06:04:25

    Of course, I spend all-nighters before a trip. How do you think you got the trait?

    When I was growing up my mom was always a cheerful person except for 1 time – preparing for a trip. Then she was a grouch.




  2. Lindsay
    Dec 21, 2012 @ 05:49:17

    Hi Jill,
    Just wanted to let you know I’ve received your gift for the HeArt Exchange, it’s wonderful!!
    Mine has a little delay because I had to work a lot but it will be shipped next week. Thanks again and much love! 🙂



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