Moving On…

This blog was a wonderful place for me to look back, look around, and look forward as I headed toward my 50th birthday (on May 27, 2012). I declared a Personal Year of Jubilee (see tab above for more information). I tried new things, looked at who I am becoming, and celebrated a new phase of life.

A self-portrait as part of an art-journal project

A self-portrait as part of an art-journal project

I’ve pondered long and hard on what to do next. For those of you who have been following this blog, you are probably aware that I’ve done very little posting for the past year. I’m finally realizing that this blog served its purpose…and it’s time to move on.

Perhaps others will stumble across this blog as they are headed toward their own milestone birthday. Perhaps it will be an encouragement, or will push them to start their OWN blog–following a chain from the Wartime Housewife to Project 50 to me and hopefully on and on it will go.

Because of some of the dabbling I did during my Year of Jubilee, I have added art-making into my weekly routines. Gradually, I have been doing more and more art and have started blogging about all things creative in my life today. Please check out my newer blog HERE. I would love to have you join me over there while I “Live Loud, Live Colorful, and Live with HeART!” Grab an RSS feed or sign up for email updates on that blog site to see where I’m headed next in my second half of life!


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