Headlines of my Life

Who Me? Accident-prone??

I hate to ruin your mental picture of me. But I must confess: I am not graceful. I am not athletic. Oh, I enjoy spending time outdoors. And I don’t mind dabbling with less common sports (skiing, windsurfing, canoeing, backpacking). But I tend to be accident prone. Maybe spending so much time enjoying the scenery rather than paying attention to my feet contributes to the problem. Maybe I inherited a clumsy-gene from someone. It couldn’t possibly be somehow my fault…could it?

Knee Injury Ends Slalom Racing Career

This was actually the first time I tried to race. It was a casual, fun race for skiers who had taken lessons at Killington VT during Spring Break week. Looking back on it, I’m not even sure if I fell during the race itself, or during practice. But the twisted knee certainly ended any possible career as a competitive skier! Ouch! (On the other hand, the ride down the mountain in a toboggan pulled by ski patrollers just might have led to my eventually joining ski patrol a few years ago…)

The Incredible Hulk Breaks Babysitter’s Back

This was a very dangerous, violent show. Really! I know what I’m talking about… One night the boy I was babysitting turned into the Incredible Hulk during show time and pulled me to the ground. My back twisted and popped in the process. Ouch! (My back has been “twinge-y” ever since. Can I sue Mr. Hulk?)

Wind Surfer on Crutches after Mast Pins Foot

Everyone worries about the dangers of drowning while wind surfing. Honestly, they worry about the wrong things. While I was learning to windsurf in Canada, the mast snapped down hard on the top of my foot during one of my (many) falls, giving me a hairline fracture. Ouch! (Oh well, apparently being on crutches when he met me was cute enough that my eventual husband asked me out on a date…Poor guy, he had no idea I was so accident prone!)

Mudslide Sweeps Walker Off Her Feet

Okay, so the mud was only half an inch deep. But it covered the sidewalk and it was very slippery clay. I was walking back to the house after feeding the turkeys a few days ago when, whoop!, my feet slid right out from under me. Ouch! (And now my back is “twinge-y” again. Oh well, at least I didn’t twist my knee!)


You have to admit, the above injuries make good stories. If someone just read the headlines, they might even be impressed with the dramatic situations. But most of my injuries are boring…even embarrassing. Can we pretend the following headlines were never written down? I’m thinking these were not my fault either. It was probably because the always-present camera around my neck pulled me off balance. Yeah, I’m sure that was it…


Tourist Injures Knee Stepping off Curb in Mexico

The curb was taller than normal in the USA, which caused me to stumble and fall. Whew! (At least my camera was okay, even if I lost sensation down the front of my shin for the next three years.)

Tourist Re-injures Knee Tripping on Uneven Sidewalk in Merida

This time I didn’t even have the excuse of the road being lower than I expected because the curb was too high. I just stumbled and fell on an uneven sidewalk. Whew! (At least my new camera was okay. I wasn’t worried that my knee was reinjured it in the same way. After all, I don’t need feeling in my lower leg to take good pictures!)

Tourist Re-injures Knee Falling on Steps at the Roman Wall in London

Walking up a flight of stairs in London, on our way to see a section of wall built in Roman times, I took another fall. Whew! (Yes, my camera was around my neck as usual. Again, it was fine. We won’t talk about the knee…)

Tourist Drops and Breaks Camera Lens at National Park

I was changing from regular lens to telephoto lens on my good camera. The regular lens dropped out of my hand and cracked the frame when it hit the ground. Sigh… (My knee was fine this time, but the lens just isn’t the same…)

I would like to think that there will be no further headlines about my injurious adventures…but I’m guessing that’s not true. Keep checking back for updates!