Happy Birthday, Jakob!

My baby boy turns 15 today. He’s not so little any more…over 6’ tall actually! Where, oh where, has the time gone? I’m sure it was just last week that he was our Halloween treat. Or that he was playing in his sheet-covered table “tent” at the ice rink while his brother trained. And surely it was just yesterday that he started learning tae-kwon-do, so focused and intent on making every move perfect? (We won’t talk about how long it took him to earn his 2nddegree black-belt…and how long it has been since he set foot in a tae-kwon-do studio…)

Jakob's Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday to you...

Jakob is a pragmatic, determined, methodical kid. He likes to follow directions, figure out logical solutions to problems (or puzzles), and prefers life with no surprises. However did he end up with ME as his mother? You know, the woman who prefers to “fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants,” who loves new things and new places and new people, who thrives on change and creativity?!

Family Photo

Jakob moves out of the shadows...

Seems like Jakob was overshadowed by his older brother James for many years. I love this family picture taken a year ago at a training retreat we all attended. Look closely…do you see Jakob up front and in the light while the rest of us are in the shadows? Seems like a good metaphor for his life the past few years. In dealing with the death of his brother, and with our family going on the road for 9 months of wandering in our RV, Jakob stepped out of the shadows and into himself.

He is discovering the joy of hard work, of trying new things such as rock climbing and mustang taming. He is enjoying mentoring friendships with wonderful Christian men. Oh, yeah, he has his lazy days of sleeping late and doing nothing all day (every teen’s dream, I think!). And some days he picks on his little sister more than plays with her. But he has productive, learning days, too.

Jakob Rock Climbing

Enjoy the climb, Jakob!

Happy Birthday, Jakob! I can’t wait to see what heights you climb to in the coming years!

Love you, Sweetie!