In My Own Little Corner…

A month ago, we bought a house. At first I struggled: why Ohio? why this very traditional neighborhood? why such a traditional house? why not rent (so we could wander away again)? Gradually I have added layers of color in accessories, rugs, furniture, and decorations. I still struggle with why the job came up here rather than somewhere out West, but the house is beginning to feel more like “me.” It is starting to feel comfortable and nest-like.

Our New Home

Our New Home

In the process of major life changes, I have gone through a number of purge cycles—getting rid of massive amounts of “stuff.” Unlike times in the past when I tried to sort through things because I “should” or because others wanted me to do so, this came from deep inside. I was finally ready to let go of so many things I was holding on to.

An extra benefit of the purging is that I now have empty shelves on my bookcases, empty corners on top of desks and cabinets, empty places on my walls. This has given me the freedom to add color and memory-keepers in the form of little vignettes. At first I wondered if this was inappropriately making “altars.” But since each little scene makes me smile and brings me joy, I’ve decided to keep these mini collections, changing them as the whim occurs.

My Own Little Corner

My Own Little Corner

Today I decided to share details of my desk corner. It sits at the end of the living room, next to a big bow window, looking out toward a lake. It is beside the doorway to the kitchen, in view of the timer on the oven, so it is convenient to keep track of baking or dinner-making. This is where my computer sits so it is both a private place and a place for me to connect to the bigger on-line world.

The desk itself used to belong to our son James. The collection gathered on the corner of the desk is things that remind me of James. I love the pop of color and the mix of textures. I smile every time I notice the stool, covered with cheetah spots and with big red accent buttons. There is a blank wall in front of the desk—soon to have my first-ever custom art by an artist whose colorful work I love!

Reminders of James...

Reminders of James…

The candle is one that we light each at 7pm each 2nd Sunday in December–a worldwide remembrance of children gone too soon. (You can read more about that HERE.) The rock is one we gathered from Honolulu Creek in Alaska. The photo was a trick photo I surprised James with for Christmas one year. He liked to joke that he had a twin brother, John, who was a surfer from Honolulu Alaska. John always seemed to eat James’ favorite desserts before James got to them. And John was the one who always got into mischief! The box holds James’ treasured hard-bound collection of Calvin & Hobbes comics.

Walking Sticks

Walking Sticks

Tucked into the corner behind the desk is a collection of walking sticks. The middle one was given to us in memory of James. This beautiful cedar stick was hand smoothed and etched by a cousin. The outer sticks are both diamond willow from Alaska–one finished and one still in progress. This distinctive pattern is from brushy willow found along stream beds. The “diamonds” are scars formed when the branches are injured or broken off. I love the reminder that our wounds can become a beautiful part of us as we move forward in the healing process!

Storytellers and more...

Storytellers and more…

The final detail of my little desk corner sits on top of the box of Calvin & Hobbes books. The rock is another one gathered from Honolulu Creek in Alaska. I love the mottled green color. The little white spots are remnants of cockatiel droppings–reminders of James’ precious birds who wandered his room at will. And the Storyteller figures remind me of the joy I find in being entrusted with the stories of others and the responsibility I take in sharing stories with the world. (I wrote blog posts about this HERE  and HERE.)

When you read something from me on the internet, you now know where I was writing from. Most likely I was enjoying a little time in My Own Little Corner, In My Own Little Chair.