The Adventures of…James??

The kids and I went to a movie this weekend. We rarely spend the money for theater showings, but I just couldn’t wait for the DVD to come out. I’ve read Tintin books since I was a kid and passed down that interest to my own kids. I was a little bit worried that The Adventures of Tintin would be too intense for Anna, at least on the big screen. But anytime it got scary I reminded her that there are LOTS of Tintin books, so obviously neither he nor his dog could die! (That apparently worked—she can’t wait for the sequel…)tintin movie image

We had a wonderful time. We laughed and laughed at the bumbling twin detectives. We cheered on Snowy. We delighted in the lit-put out-lit-put out-lit-put out gunpowder chase scene. We gasped and laughed and cringed at the duel to the “death” with giant cranes. We sighed when the treasure was found. It was a good movie for anyone who likes adventure, and excellent entertainment for Tintin readers.

By the time the movie finished I was exhausted. I was on-edge emotionally. Thinking about it, I realized it was more than just reaction to a high-adventure movie, especially an animated one. I realized that emotionally I had just spent almost two hours with my son James…the one who died almost four years ago.Tintin headshot

Tintin didn’t sound like James. And his nose was certainly more pointy than James’. But there were similarities: standing up RED hair, freckles, certain facial expressions, a sense of adventure. It was like watching my son get chased, knocked out, and kidnapped; seeing him solve mysteries, rescue friends, fly a plane, grab the clues, and find a treasure. Whew! Wouldn’t YOU be tired if your kid did all that?!james headshot

I wasn’t really tear-y. I didn’t spend the movie thinking about James. But after the fact, I realized my heart had grabbed for a little bit more time with my son. No wonder I was exhausted!

So…when this movie comes out on DVD I will be one of the first to buy it. I can’t wait to watch Tintin beat the bad guys again. And I can’t wait to catch a glimpse of the adventures of James just one more time…