How to Write a Blog Post

Procrastinate until the last possible moment, going back and forth, back and forth, between two or three possible topics.

Get out of bed and make yourself coffee and snacks to keep up your strength while you write.

Make sure to arrange your pillows “just right” to give your back comfortable support while lounging in your bed.

Don’t forget to pile on an extra blanket or two in case you get chilly because of sitting in one place too long. (Wiggle your feet occasionally so they don’t go numb…)

Make sure that your internet is actually connected and working properly. (Pray that it stays connected when you copy and paste your post onto the blog hosting website…)

Take another look at your list of ideas. Choose one of them to actually write about…


take one more look through all the books you have been reading. Surely there is an idea SOMEwhere that you feel like using!

Take a moment to reach down and pet your loyal companion; you know, the one who helps you eat your snacks, who keeps your legs warm, and who guards you from any dangers that might be outside your window while you are writing.

Try valiantly to avoid checking email and Facebook. If you lose the battle and get distracted by internet sites, at least try to avoid reading other blogs. You need to get back to work before you lose your train of thought…

After a few re-readings of what you have written (and a few re-starts, and a few re-writes, and a few re-edits, after which you might need a few minutes to re-cover your enjoyment of your original topic), copy and paste the words onto the blog-hosting website.

Take time to look through the photos in your archives to find appropriate ones. (WARNING: do NOT get distracted looking back through a zillion photos which bring back a million happy memories!) (WARNING: do NOT get distracted and start reorganizing all the photos in your files so you can better find what you are looking for next time!)

When you can’t find the perfect photo in your archives to illustrate this post’s topic, get out your constant companion and go take a few more pictures to add to your archives. (WARNING: do NOT get confused between your “companions.” Both are black and white, both bring comfort, but only one can record memories for archiving and later retrieval!)

By now your coffee is cold. Wander into the kitchen and nuke it. Search for a few more yummy snacks while you are waiting.

Get settled back into your writing place and add categories and tags to this post.

Check a preview of what it will look like to readers. (Make sure photos are in the right places. Do one last proof-reading to search-and-destroy any typos.)

Hit “Publish.”
Take a deep breath, relax, and get ready to do this all over again in a few more days. (Keep an eye out for new ideas to write about…)