Lovin’ the “Sun”

Randy was out of town last week, so it became my job to drive Anna to and from school each day. In the mornings, that means driving directly toward the sun. After forgetting my sunglasses the first morning, I made certain-sure I had them the following days. Ouch!

Usually I do the after-school pick up. That means the sun is behind me on the drive. That means it is much easier on my eyes. That means I was missing out on some spectacular beauty…

Driving Anna to school in the mornings gave me the chance to marvel each day at a single, solitary sunflower (or daisy? Or?? I’ll stick with calling it a sunflower to make it easier…) swaying by the side of the highway, glowing in the sun.

I passed it the first day…and admired it.

I passed it the second day…and was wowed.

I passed it the third day…and decided to come back with my camera and take time to stare at it and enjoy it, not just whiz past in the truck.

So, I dropped Anna off to school. And I took some photos of a big clump of sunflowers by the pull-off near the school.

even prettier against the mountains and sky...

and a closeup in the sun is fun

Then I drove back toward home and took time to savor the single, glowing sunflower that had first caught my attention.

simple sunflower


glowing like a beacon


or even this one

from this angle

or this one


I’m lovin’ this “sun” for as long as it lasts!

...it makes me SMILE!...